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Impact coaching for teams on a mission.

Teams are difficult. They're essential to making an impact, but they can go wrong in lots of ways. There is no easy fix.

Addressing team functioning begins with awareness. We hold up a mirror so that your whole team can see its dynamics, good and bad and in between.

We hold these mirrors up at angles specific to our training, beliefs, and experiences. If you want to explore whether our approach is right for you, read on.

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mochilas coaching narratives

Narracanto begins with the premise that we make sense of the world through stories, and we communicate by telling each other these stories. The stories that we tell ourselves and others are some of the few aspects of our lives where we can truly have choice and agency.

Our name comes from the Latin narrare ("to tell, relate, recount, explain") and cantare ("to sing"). We help you assess, create, and change your narratives, and we help you bring them into the world. These narratives can be personal or professional, held at the individual level or the organizational level, and your audience can be the world, the market, your team, a select few, or just you.

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